This 5 week evening class photography course is perfect for complete beginners to digital photography & amateur photographers wanting to learn how to use their Digital SLR/bridge camera or improve their overall photography skills, techniques & knowledge 

Adobe Lightroom Training

This Adobe Lightroom  course is designed to help you get the most out of this powerful workflow & image editing software. Lightroom was designed for photographers & is the perfect tool for beginners, amateurs & pros. 
Lightroom is the perfect editing software to bring your photos to life, turning simple photographs into stunning images.

1-2-1 Photography Training

Can't commit to a course, cant make the times, have a very specific aspect of photography you want help with, or even just prefer to learn 1-on-1, then my 1-2-1 training is perfect.
These sessions can be brought in individual hours or blocks of time for you to use around your schedule

Adobe Photoshop Training

Photoshop is the pinnacle in photography editing and manipulation, when used properly it is incredible - but it is a very large & daunting program - at first. This introduction will get you familiar with the layout, the tools, using layers, how to remove unwanted areas in a photograph and the basic ABC of editing your photographs in a way you didn't think possible...

Photography Mentoring & Development

My mentoring program is a weekly program designed to educate you both from a technical perspective and in all areas of starting and running a photography business. Its an amazing way of helping you turn a passion into a career for life, let me teach & mentor you into becoming a professional photographer

"I’ve had a deep interest in photography since I was a little boy. Sadly, over the years, time just hasn’t allowed me to indulge my fascination with cameras until quite recently. Like most newcomers to digital photography, there were two main problems; which camera and how do you use it? I actually did something pretty smart and enrolled in AHP’s digital photography course. Just prior to the start of the course, I received some expert advice on the type of camera I should get – and by the end of the first session, I was back home and using it in manual mode. The course is very good –no, it’s actually brilliant. Run by a pro-photographer, you get clear, concise, no nonsense practitioner tuition that is practical and easy to absorb. The course culminates in a two hour Adobe session which pulls it all together quite wonderfully. I can’t recommend this course highly enough – if you’re new to digital photography, talk to AHP – you won’t regret it."

"The course content was thoroughly enjoyable, and pitched at a perfect level for beginners/ amateurs, as advertised. The first three weeks were brilliant, covering camera settings, how to compose shots and with some good homework projects which really got me using my camera. Mum and I particularly enjoyed the shutter speed homework and photographing the motorway at night."


"Thanks you for the brilliant course. Thomas went from knowing nothing of the camera to being very comfortable going out taking pictures. All due to your great lessons."


"awesome, just awesome - I never thought I could learn so much so quickly"

"As a professional trainer myself, I certainly valued Adam's highly interactive teaching techniques. As a beginner, the atmosphere in our small group really helped me learn at my own pace. I found his style of teaching made what is clearly technical information easier for me to understand. The follow on support materials really consolidated my learning and are worth the course fee alone! Adam has a relaxed style and I felt I could ask him anything anytime. He "practices what he preaches" on a weekly basis and the innovative use of Dropbox for the support materials, (excellent quality) together with real home-based practical assignments soon started to pay off for me. A short five week programme delivered by a professional practitioner, it is excellent value and provides a wealth of practical tips that I could immediately use.  Overall, a highly recommended course."

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