Commercial Headshot Photography

First impressions count, an old saying that will never be proven wrong. Now you can create the right impression & convey more with a stunning commercial headshot. My headshot sessions are designed to create fresh new images for you to promote yourself in whatever way you need, by not only capturing your individual personality, but by giving your photos what I call "grabfactor" (yes I've made that word up). Images with "grabfactor" are photographs that hold the viewers attention are exactly what i'm aiming for every time. 

Throughout the entire process you'll be in my experienced hands, I'll educate, direct & coach you towards achieving a good number of captivating portraits. So don't worry about your abilities in front of a camera, or past experiences, I'll share all of my best tips & advice for looking great in front of camera 


Individual's Headshots

Who knows where these kids are going to be seen next, I have great success working with younger people, helping with their confidence & coaching them into a great set of headshots

Company Business Headshots

A portfolio featuring the girls, see how relaxed the face is - no over posing or fake smiles - but warm, welcoming, strong headshots that draw you to the face & personality

Conference & Event Headshots

Wanting to create that strong corporate look, lets do that. Crisp & expressive headshots conveying confidence & authority, yet with warmth & approachability