How I got into weddings

My background started with several years at art college, followed by a few years travelling. On my return, I worked in newspapers, then within a national advertising company & lastly before I found photography professionally I worked in a creative marketing role. Photography was always a part of these roles, but at this point I decided that photography was my path.

I didn't just dive in. I worked alongside other photographers for 3 years - honing my skills, my understanding of weddings & portraiture - all before I ever considered doing my first solo wedding. That was close to 10 years ago, since then I've covered around 500 weddings & I still love them every single time.

My experience

As mentioned, I have photographed approximately 500 weddings. With that amount of weddings under my belt there isn't much I haven't seen or witnessed & this brings a sense of calm. I know how weddings work, I am comfortable dealing with curve balls, when plans change or when the heavens open. I don't panic & importantly I know how to care for & support my couples at these times. With this wealth of experience I know exactly how to prepare myself for every wedding, & how to look after my couples properly throughout the experience. My experience & knowledge is a tool for my clients, something or someone they can rely on for advice & help at any time.  I see myself as much more than just a couple's photographer, I am also there for them, to the extent that I even carry a supplies box with me full of items that can help in the event of an issue - such as stain wipes, spare cufflinks, hair grips, plasters you name it - its in my box

Professionalism, & being professional

I am a professional photographer, a phrase often used loosely. In my eyes this means two things.

Firstly it is my full time profession & therefore its my sole income - not a weekend addition to another job. This means I am there for my clients at all times & I'm fully committed to my job & career.

Secondly, it describes my experience, the way I conduct myself, my reliability, my trustworthiness, the quality of my equipment/infrastructure/systems, my thorough approach doing everything properly at all times & importantly I think it describes how I look after every single client, their families & their guests. I'm certainly not just a camera owner calling myself a professional photographer.

wedding photographer_066.jpg

My style, manner & unique approach

Style wise, my photography is a simple fusing of working in an unobtrusive documentary manner, going about my work subtly, observing & capturing all that is going on, all that natural laughter, enjoyment, little tender moments. All balanced with the traditional family groups photos along with some beautiful bride & groom portraits. Add to this some lovely detail work to really add depth to the memories & you are left with the most natural, realistic & thorough story of your wedding day.


My manner is simple, I am me, I just can't help myself. I still have a young fresh outlook on life & when attending a wedding I sort of have the same mentality as a guest. I will join in & chat with people, help them with photos, have fun with them, I intend on enjoying the day as well - it makes everything so relaxed, which in turn makes my role even easier. If people are relaxed around me, I can blend in better, I capture better reactions, everything suddenly looks & importantly feels natural (because it is).


So what is unique, my mantra. My mantra is unique. "Its your wedding day - not a photoshoot. Its your day - not mine. Its your celebrations - not my portfolio day". This flows through every aspect of my wedding work, from planning to how I ensure your wedding photography works on the day. You should spend most of your time talking, drinking & celebrating with your guests - whilst I cleverly use time to ensure you also get beautiful & creative wedding photographs. Its a balance. You do not need to be away from your guests for hours doing photos, nor do I need to bore guests with hours of group photos & we certainly don't need to wear fake smiles or be in ridiculous poses all day.

10 quick reasons to consider me as your wedding photographer

1) My years of experience photographing weddings. There's not much I haven't seen or had to deal with, this calm confidence is invaluable on the day

2) Excellent value with simple clear pricing, no complicated predetermined packages. Midweek and winter rates available

3) Regarded as one of the top 20 wedding photographers across London and the Southeast - but without the matching price tag

4) Fun, supportive, friendly, approachable, flexible, accommodating, considerate, hardworking, subtle & discreet are words, among others, that my brides & grooms (& their family & friends) have used to describe my manner. Remember, photos aside, the photographer's manner forms part of your memory of the day.

5) Top equipment. Professional cameras & lenses combined with superb (yet subtle) post production and retouching creates stunning award winning images

6) My unobtrusive approach delivers natural, storytelling wedding photography blended with a creative and imaginative style - I'm not a fan of over posing a wedding

7) Fast turn around of your images - no waiting around for months. Images are first put into your own personal password protected gallery

8) Old fashioned/honest values. I provide all of your images go on CD, no watermarks etc. I want you to use & enjoy them - no limits to what you can do with them

9) I provide a wide range of albums to suit all, but regardless of album style they are all from leading manufacturers and designed creatively by me

10) You enjoying your wedding day, is a focus for me. I ensure creating amazing images without turning your day into a photoshoot.