A different way of learning

A great alternative to group courses are my one to one training sessions. These are great if you can't make course dates, you prefer one on one training or if you have specific topics that you want to cover. Having me, a professional photographer and trainer, sit with you & openly sharing my knowledge and focussing on exactly what you need is a great resource. Here are some examples of requests I have had for one on one training:

  • Basic Camera functionality & photography skills
  • Help with Portraiture of children
  • Using flash & speedlights
  • Photographing sport & fast movement
  • Photographing Fireworks
  • Shooting in Raw
  • Photoshop & Lightroom Editing
  • File management & workflow
  • Photographing babies with natural light
  • Improving landscape photography
  • Macro Photography & close up work
  • Focusing & depth of field (blurring backgrounds)
  • Using slow shutter speeds for blurring waterfalls
  • Preparing to shoot a family wedding
  • Help choosing new photography equipment

Ongoing Learning

One on One training is great from the start, but it is also a brilliant follow on to any of my other courses. Common sense says that I can't offer full courses on every aspect of photography, as everyone wants different topics or techniques covered - and this is where one to one training is perfect, I can cover exactly what you need to know.


You can choose to book just one hour, or you can book a block of sessions (which work out much better value). The blocks of hours can be used at your discretion - they certainly don't need to be used in one single booking. For example, a block of 5 hours could be used as 5 individual one hour sessions, alternatively it could be two 2 hour sessions and one 1 hour session - its completely flexible to suit your timeframe and diary.