Your Wedding Coverage

When it comes to the photography on the day, you are in complete control as to when this starts and finish. Some couples want their full day covered, so include from bridal preparations right through to the first dance. Other couples want different coverage to suit their day, & this is where my flexible wedding pricing makes such a difference.

The Morning Preparations

To me, bridal preparations are a wonderful start to the story, its about the details, introducing the key characters, capturing the scenes as well as documenting the very finishing touches of hair & makeup. If the groom & the boys are getting ready in the same place, I can flit between you all - so you get both sides of the story.

If the boys are getting ready somewhere completely different I tend to leave the girls early enough that I can get to spend some time with the boys just prior to the ceremony.

The Ceremony

Photographing a wedding ceremony, is all about capturing emotions, loving glances & reactions. Ideally I position myself discreetly at the front, tucked quietly into a corner so I am not distracting. However, some vicars/registrars are still uncomfortable with photographers, so my spot is at their discretion. Regardless from the back or the front, I will quietly capture your ceremony & all of those important moments.

The Wedding Reception

Naturally this is a very busy time, a lot to get done in a very short period of time. I tend to stand back, let you get a drink & be greeted by friends & family - some great candid shots here. At some point we'd normally break into confetti, large groups shots & family group photos. When these happen varies from wedding to wedding but my aim is always to get these done as quickly as possible to return you to your guests. We'd need about 20 minutes to go for a walk & to do some lovely bride & groom portraits - seriously that amount of time is perfect, & then back to your celebrating you go - leaving me to document in my relaxed style

The Wedding Breakfast & Speeches

Another time for some detail room, photographing the room before all of the guests are allowed in. I am looking for the small little touches, the flowers, name cards, table decorations, the cake all ready & presented etc. Once you have been announced into the wedding breakfast, & food is served, thats when I take a well earned break. I think its rude & unnecessary to photograph people eating, so I leave you in peace to enjoy this time. Ie always stay onsite during the meal, just in case anything occurs that we wouldn’t want to miss. Sometimes I may pop back in between courses for some good candid shots, certainly returning for speeches

The speeches make for great photographs, the laughter, the reactions, the nerves, the looks. My aim here is to create images that when you look at them it reminds you of exactly what was being said.

The Evening Celebrations

The evening celebrations are traditionally started by your first dance, though many couples now reserve the cake cutting to just prior to the first dance so any evening guests get to see another official moment. Either way, documenting your wedding evening is the perfect closure to the story of your wedding day.

Your first dance is so important, I aim to photograph the first dance capturing the room as it feels to the eye, capturing the natural ambience as it was. I then stay for the next couple of songs, long enough to get a good feel of the evening in full swing as the perfect end to your beautiful day. If you have anything planned later into the evening then of course I can arrange further coverage during the planning

Your coverage is complete

This sees the end of the photography of your wedding day, everything covered, with all of its moments and details captured. So at this point I politely make my goodbyes, wish you well for the honeymoon and head back to the office to download & back everything up for safely