This is the bit that no one gets to see, the hours of time spent downloading memory cards, backing the images up so they are safe choosing & culling images, then taking each & every chosen image through the various stages of post production - one at a time. Every single image from every single wedding goes through this critical process before anyone sees them.

Why Is Editing even Necessary?

Understandably, clients or potential customers question the price of photography - often because they are unaware of how much time & effort occurs after the wedding. Many assume I'm a professional photographer so the images should be great in camera & pretty much ready & job done as soon as I stop shooting.

To understand why it's not the case & why so much time is involved, we need to understand that there are deficiencies with DSLR cameras - all of them, even my cameras. So whilst images might look ok on the back of a camera, they're far from ready for presenting. I need to accurately perfect colours, add quality contrast & considered sharpening - all before any creative retouching

My Editing & Post Production

I take a lot of pride in my wedding photographs, each one is considered and retouched by me personally. I have been learning Photoshop for over 12 years & will always continue to do so - constantly refining my techniques. There are many faster workflows & programs that others use, but the quality & consistency just isn't there with them, it's a time consuming labour of love but an area on which I will never sacrifice. I love my images to look exactly how it did to the eye, no weird effects that scream fake! I prefer accurate colours, punchy contrast, beautiful delicate sharpening, smooth realistic skin and attention to detail to ensure every image is at its best

Mockup Scene Creator

When The editing is Complete

I aim on having your full set ready within 3 - 4 weeks - which is extremely fast. I can even do you a few sneak peak images in the interim - which couples seem to love. When complete, your images are uploaded onto your own personal online wedding gallery to which I will email you a link with a password to access them. The gallery can be shared by you with all of your friends & family, the gallery will have a host of features including slideshows, choosing favourites &  a full shopping cart for your family & friends to use for prints etc 

Shortly after receiving your online gallery, you'll be invited to my office so we can get together to discuss your images and to look at all of your options on how best to present your wedding photographs. I offer a wide range of prints, canvasses, frames, acrylics and other wall display pieces along with a stunning range of  wedding albums.

I stock a wide range of wedding albums from simple coffee table books, modern full bleed photo book albums right the way through to more traditional matted wedding albums. I use the best manufacturers from around the world, their print quality, the leather, the paper is genuinely beautiful.