Venue Visit

Before every wedding, no matter how well I know the venue, I always take the couple on a venue visit for a reccy and planning session. Together we can look for locations for group photos, beautiful spots for the couple's portraits, look for contingency options in case of rain & generally walk our way through the day - its a really reassuring visit for my couples.

Getting you comfortable in front of camera

One very popular option is to add a pre wedding / engagement photoshoot to the venue visit. This bit of "practice" gives you an insight in to what to expect on the day & how relaxed & easy going I am when I'm shooting. It also lets me see you as a couple, so I can see how you naturally interact with each other.

A pre-wedding session really help with any nerves, uncertainty, or feelings of awkwardness when it comes to being photographed. Going one step deeper it can also really help any confidence issues or people who reflect badly on an aspect of how they look in photographs.
I have spent a lot of time studying the psychology of being photographed so I can really offer some great advice & coaching so that on the day you are relaxed & enjoy the photography.


Planning, planning and a bit more planning

On the day of the venue visit we will also do our first planning meeting - whilst all of the logistics are fresh in our thoughts. You'll have already completed my information form which gathers everything I need together & we use this as the basis of our planning meetings as we progress towards the wedding day.

About 2 weeks before the wedding we have another, final planning meeting. A final recap of everything, a reassuring confirmation for us all that we are all on the same page. Its not a case of planning to turn the whole day into a military procession, but planning so that everything can be relaxed and stress free - allowing you to have the best day of your life.

Relationship, relationship, relationship...

To me, the most important aspect of all of these conversations, meeting & shoots is our relationship. By the time of your wedding we'll know each other so well & be so comfortable around each other - it will be like having a friend shooting it.