Wedding pricing is a mine field. I see some photographers charging a fortune, others so little that you question how & why & then those employing hidden fees after the wedding - I've heard some real horror stories. I've always wanted my photography to be priced sensibly so everyone can have great wedding photography & avoid taking risks to save money.

I take pride in my work, I value my clients and I treat my clients the way I like to be treated. When this comes down to money means providing great value, clear honest pricing & no tricks. Yes it possibly makes me look more expensive initially - but you know exactly where you stand, no surprises or hidden costs

No Set Packages, just My “Pick & Mix" Pricing..

I have photographed over 500 weddings, certainly enough to know that no two are the same - its one of my favourite aspects of being a wedding photographer.

It is for this reason that I avoid having "wedding packages". I couldn’t force my couples into the same pre-defined package, with me you choose what you need/want, avoiding paying for time, services & features you don't want or that push the total over budget. An immature name for wedding pricing, I know, but with pick”n”mix you only choose the sweets you really really want - and this matches my wedding pricing perfectly!

Midweek & Winter Rates

I like my diary to be busy throughout the year, so offer reduced rates for midweek weddings (Mon to Fri) & winter weddings (1st Nov to 1st Mar) except on public holidays

Lets Arrange A Quote For You

In order to be able to provide you with a quote, I need to understand your plans and requirements. So lets arrange a time to chat about everything, either in person or we can chat online. This will also give you the chance to meet me, to learn about my service & experience and hopefully give you the confidence and reassurance that I am right for you and your big day.